Professional Mold Removal for a Safe Living Environment

Mold in a home or business space can quickly become a serious problem. After a flood or other major weather disaster, it is possible for mold to appear within only 24 hours. Many property owners mistakenly think they can handle the situation on their own. Unfortunately, this often leads to serious damage and a variety of health risks. Hiring a company that specializes in Mold Removal is the safest way to restore a home or business property.

Why Prompt Removal Is Essential

It is important to contact a mold removal expert immediately if you notice signs of growth or suspect your home may be contaminated. Professional contractors are trained to not only treat the affected area, but they can also identify the root cause. Unless the mold occurred due to a natural weather event, determining the source can sometimes be difficult without proper training.

Left untreated, mold has the ability to cause numerous health problems in both people and pets. Everything from allergies to asthma and headaches may result once an excess of water enters a home. A prompt inspection is necessary to remedy the problem and prevent the potential of serious health related issues.

While homeowners may have some success in eliminating visible mold, regrowth is very likely if the primary source is not addressed. This can result in a constant cycle of mold removal, increasing the likelihood that family members or employees become ill. Additionally, improper removal can actually aggravate the problem and result in the spread of mold throughout a room. By contacting an expert Mold Removal company, you can resolve the problem quickly and safely.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

Although it’s easy to detect mold after a flood or hurricane disaster, often the issue is related to common household problems that increase humidity levels. For mold spores to thrive, they need warmth, moisture and darkness. While you can’t eliminate warm temperatures and darkness, controlling the amount of moisture in a property is the key to preventing mold.

Pipes that leak or collect condensation are a primary culprit of mold. Conducting a monthly inspection of basement pipes is necessary to identify any minor or potential problems. While you may not have access to all piping in a home, checking all visible structures will greatly decrease the risk of mold.

A leaky roof is also a possible source of mold growth. When water seeps through the roof and into the attic unnoticed, it can lead to costly repairs. Water spots on the ceiling of a home or business are typically signs of a damaged roof.

Proper ventilation is essential to control moisture in the air. This is especially true in kitchen and bathroom areas. Exhaust fans are ideal for helping to control humidity in problem spaces.

Rainwater that collects around a home’s foundation is another popular cause of mold. Yards that frequently experience flooding can benefit from having drains or ditches installed to direct water away from the home. Preventative landscaping methods are an additional technique used to channel rainwater away from a property’s base.

Contact a Specialist for Mold Contamination

Professional Mold Removal is a very specialized process. First, the problem area is inspected to fully access any damage. Next, mold is contained and high-quality filtration equipment is used to remove harmful spores. Some materials, such as carpeting, may need to be removed and later replaced. Items that can be restored are fully cleaned and sanitized. In instances where severe damage has occurred, walls and flooring may need to be replaced. Hiring an expert service ensures a home or work environment is safe and greatly reduces the risk of future mold problems.