Why Sewage Backup Cleanup is Important

Few homeowners want to contend with a sewage backup in Orange, CA, but the unfortunate reality is that this issue occurs more frequently than you might think. Many homeowners will have to deal with this unpleasant issue at least once during their years in a home. When you have a sewage backup issue, sewage waste often flows back up your pipes and into your homes. It most commonly comes in through the toilet, but it also can flow through your other plumbing fixtures in some cases. Learning more about the causes of this issue as well as the steps you can take to overcome the problem can help you to move forward with the best results.

The Causes of a Sewage Backup Issue

Before you learn how to deal with a sewage backup in Orange, CA, it can be helpful to educate yourself about probable causes. Your plumber can provide you with more specific information after inspecting your pipes, but there are three main causes of a sewage backup issue. First, clogs can and do develop in sewer lines. They may be caused by putting too much waste at a time down the pipes or by putting the wrong kind of waste in the pipes. This includes your toilets as well as sinks and other drains. Second, clogs can develop when tree roots grow into your sewer line or when they grow around a line and crush it. This can be from trees in your yard or in your neighbors’ yards. Third, sewage issues can develop when older pipes deteriorate or collapse. This may be because of the material they were made out of or because of long-term use of harsh chemical drain cleaning products that destroy pipes over time.

Removing the Sewage From Your Property

In some cases, a sewage issue results in waste backing up into the home. In other instances, sewage waste may seep up through the soil and puddle in your yard. Both are smelly, unsightly health hazards that can damage your property. Because they can harm your health and your property, you understandably want to clean up the mess as soon as possible. However, waste can be teeming with bacteria, viruses and more, so it is not advisable to clean the waste on your own. Instead, contact a specialist that provides sewage cleanup services. While your sewer line is being repaired by a plumber, the cleanup crew can remove the waste and can sanitize and deodorize your home.

Restoring Your Home

Even after the waste has been removed and your home has been sanitized, issues such as staining, wood warp and more may be present in your home. More significant steps to restore the home may be needed. Some companies that specialize in sewage cleanup also provide effective restoration services. They may remove damaged components in your home and employ great craftsmanship techniques to restore the home to its former condition or better. While some homeowners may attempt this work on their own, keep in mind the condition and value of your home are at stake. With this in mind, trusted professional services may be used successfully.

Sewage issues can occur in older and newer homes alike, but they may be more likely to occur in older homes with an old pipe system, more mature trees in the yard and more. If you are concerned about the condition of your sewer line, you can take proactive steps to have a plumber scope your line and to correct any issues that may ultimately lead to a backup issue. If your home has already been impacted by a sewer issue, employ these tips for effective repair and restoration.